Living purpose, ideas and inspirations in the Digital Age.

Guided by the belief that conscious and human-centric leadership is the cornerstone for succeeding in today’s Digital Age, Motivate2B invites businesses to be human, activate human trust and agility inside organizations while realizing sustainable business value.

Motivate2B offers workshops and retreats for conscious business leaders, consulting, keynotes as well as business partnerships.

Motivate2B helps its clients
  • find a clear focus on purpose, vision and practice in the Digital Age
    • Vision building workshops
    • Program / project setups for success
    • ‘Future of Work’ conferences, workshops, keynotes and coaching (both physical and virtual)
  • develop strategies for embracing opportunities in the Digital Age
    • Analyzing and refining delivery strategies
    • Agile transformation of organizations (e.g. introduction and customization of Agile frameworks such as Lean, Scrum or Kanban)
    • Establishing structures and processes for continuous improvements (Kaizen)
  • align organizations for sustainable success and excellence in the Digital Age
    • Organizational health checks and development plans
    • Program / project recoveries; strategy and business (re-)alignments
    • Happy workplace workshops