Project Leadership

Project Leadership

Effective Project Management is the combination of excellence in project managemnet and project leadership.

Leadership is not limited to an individual.  It is a philosophy and a skill.  And, it can be understood, learned and applied by an individual or the whole team. With respect to project success, leadership is often the critical ingredient for success.  In other words, if you are interested in project success you need to know what leadership is about.

With respect to Project Management:  Planning and executing a project is one thing. But do you know what it takes to set-up, plan and manage a WOW project?

Leadership Principles for Project Success

TJEP Book ProfilEffective Leadership is based on 5 principles:

1. Build vision
Sharing a common vision and goals and having the same understanding about tracking the progress towards this vision is one of the key factors in the success of an organization.

2. Nurture collaboration
A performing team yields synergy effects; the impossible becomes possible. This is why team building is crucial.

3. Promote performance
Planning is good and important.  At the end of the day you and your team have to perform.  As a leader it is your responsibility to create a culture of performance, both on the individual and team level.

4. Cultivate learning
Effective leaders are open for receiving and giving feedback. It requires courage to explore new avenues and to make mistakes and to learn from them. An effective leader or organization should reserve a minimum of 10% of work for learning, creativity, and innovation.

5. Ensure results
Delivering results is both a prerequisite and an outcome of effective leadership.  The effective leader ensures delivery while incorporating the first 4 characteristics of leadership:  definining vision, nurturing collaboration, promoting learning.

Want to learn more about these 5 principles?  Please visit the official website of “Leadership Principles for Project Success” for more details.

Video: The Power of Vision

In this interview I am speaking about The Power of Vison.  It was recorded at the PMI Global Congress North America 2011 in Washington, DC, USA.


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TJ in Athens 2011

Title of presentation:  “Project Management and Zen: Achieving a Work-Life-Balance

  • PMI Global Congress North America 2012
    Vancouver, BC, Canada,
    October 21-23, 2012

Title of presentation:  “The Power and Illusion of Self-Organizing Teams” [whitepaper]

  • PMI Global Congress EMEA 2012
    Marseille, France, May 9, 2012

Title of presentation: “The 5 Team Leadership Principles for Project Success “and how they can help build and manage a performing and winning team.

A handout of the presentation is available here; follow this link for an article / whitepaper on the 5 team leadership principles for project success.  Last but not least you may be interested in a past presentation on the same topic I gave at the NASA Project Management Challenge 2011.  That presentation is available on Slideshare.

  • NASA Project Management Challenge 2012
    Orlando, Florida,
    February 2012

I was invited to present “Project Management and Zen” at the NASA Project Management Challenge 2012 in Orlando, Florida in February 2012.  The presentation is available on Slideshare.

  • PMI Global Congress North America 2011
    Dallas, Texas, USA,
    October 2011

I was honored to give 2 presentations.  My first presentation was entitled “The 5 Team Leadership Principles for Project Success”, my second one “The Learning Project Organization”.  Have a look at my 3 blog posts on the Congress in Dallas.  It includes both of my papers and articles as well as key take-aways from this conference.

  • PMI Global Congress EMEA 2011
    Dublin, Ireland,
    May 2011

My presentation was entitled “The Good and Evil of Collaboration Tools”.  Additional information can be found here.

I talked about “The 5 Team Leadership Principles for Project Success“; an excerpt of the presentation is available here. In addition, have a look at my past blog posts to learn more about this lecture:

Creating high-performance contexts for teams
Learning from Egypt: A Lesson in Leadership
What is the key to effective project management and project success?

  • 5th Project Management Congress Greece 2010
    Athens, Greece, November 2010

I was invited to deliver a keynote on “Leadership Principles for Project Success”.  Have a look at my past blogposts for deteails: and

  • PMI Global Congress North America 2010
    Washington, DC, October 2010

My presentation was entitled “A fool with a tool is still a fool: overcoming possible pitfalls of introducing collaboration tools”.  The article can be found here.

  • PMI Global Congress North America 2009
    Orlando, Florida, October 10-13, 2009

I presented my insights on “It Takes a Team to Re-Align a Project:  Lessons from Rescue Missions” at the 2009 PMI Global Congress. The official synopsis as well as the article and presentation are available for download.

  • PMI Global Congress EMEA 2009
    Amsterdam, May 18-20, 2009

I conducted two 3-hour sessions entitled “Yes We Can:  Team Building as a Means to Re-Align a Project”.
Content:  Project recovery missions are probably one of the most difficult challenges a project manager may face. Alone a project manager cannot handle such a situation. It takes a team to do so. The workshop will show why and how team building can be an effective and efficient mean to re-align projects gone astray.The presentation  can be  viewed and downloaded here.

Impressions of the 2 workshops can be viewed in my online photo album.

  • PMI Global Congress North America 2008
    Denver, October 2008

I conducted a workshop “Realigning Project Objectives and Stakeholders’ Expectations in a Project Behind Schedule”.  The article on which this workshop is based as well as the presentation are available for download.

  • PMI Global Congress EMEA 2003
    The Hague, Netherlands, May 2003

Title of presentation:  “Work Smart, Not Hard!  An Approach to Time-Sensitive Project Management

  • Helpdesk World 2001
    Cologne, Germany, May 2001

Title of presentation:  “Implementing a CRM Help Desk Solution within 15 Weeks:  The OptiFrend Project at HVB Direkt, Oct 2000 – Feb 2001″

Please note that my public presentations are available on Slideshare.

Other Resources

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