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The MVP Model for Project & Business Success

We believe that for businesses to excel  it is not sufficient to focus solely on objectives and even less so on short-term profits.  Looking at WOW projects we can learn a lot about what it takes to motivate a business to be human and thus being inspiring to all – its clients, its employees and its business community.

[content_box style=“lime-green“ title=“WOW Projects“] WOW Projects are projects that add value, projects that matter, projects that make a difference, projects that leave a legacy. And those are projects that bring happiness into our daily lives – on the individual. team and customer levels. [/content_box]

In a successful WOW project all involved parties fully understand and support the motivation and vision of the project.

  • The motivation describes why the project starts in the first place.
    This could be a problem that needs to be resolved or an idea worth exploring.
  • The vision describes the ideal state, in contrast to, for example, the problem that triggered the project.

Both motivation and vision are long-lasting, they are not time bound.  Unlike projects which have a start and finish date.  Corollary, motivation and vision set the overall direction of a movement of which a project is a stepping stone.  Motivation and vision may serve as a compass during the complete project life cycle.  Project objectives and requirements may change, the motivation and vision don’t.  In other words, if the motivation and vision changed, a project lacks the necessary foundation of existence; if continued it may become a zombie project.

In short,  for projects to excel and evolve into WOW projects all team members and stakeholders have to fully understand and support the MVP of the project, i.e., Motivation, Vision and Practice objectives .

Sparks for WOW projects

Developing an MVP for a project is the first prerequisite for developing successful WOW projects.  It doesn’t stop there.  Project work is teamwork.  Hence, it is equally important to develop MVP’s for all individual team members and the team as a whole.

MVP Model and WOWRegarding individual MVPs, project leadership has to provide the space for individual team members to identify and share their personal MVP’s, i.e., what motivates them, what makes them happy and why they want to work on the project.
Sharing personal MVPs may be strange for some people.  But then, if you are seriously interested in developing and sustaining a successful WOW project wouldn’t you want your teammates to know what drives you, what you expect, what you want to contribute and vice versa?!
Sharing personal MVPs helps move a group of individuals closer together and thus contribute to team building.

Developing a Team MVP with your team is the next natural step after having built a project MVP and shared individual MVPs.  You discuss and agree on how you want to work together as a team, what your roles and responsibilities are, how you can promote individual and team performance, how you cultivate learning and how to ensure results.

Finally, aligning all three MVP dimensions – project, individual and team – with each other, is where magic happens; it is the spark for WOW projects.  It takes teamwork to the next level.  It is like three separate entities moving into the same direction at an accelerated pace, not because of external pressure but intrinsic motivation.  The outcomes are greater happiness, productivity, quality and, last but not least, results.

Build your MVP’s for project and business success

Even the longest journey starts with the first step.  On this token, we encourage you and your team to have a closer look at your own business practices.  Please let us know if you’d like us to help you grow WOW projects and organizations for success.


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