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Human Business Academy for Today’s Economy

The Human Business Academy for Today’s Economy helps business leaders master the future of work by identifying, living and sharing purpose, ideas and inspirations in the Digital Age. For this purpose we offer workshops and retreats, consulting and an open business partner network.


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We believe in an inter-connected world and the power of human potential to rise above short-term business thinking and practice.

We believe that innovation and sustainable business value are direct results of conscious, holistic and human-centric leadership. We combine traditional conference and workshop setups with activities for the body, mind and heart, thus offering a holistic and fun experience.

Target Audience

We work with conscious business leaders to activate human trust and agility inside organizations while realizing sustainable business value.

Conscious business leaders can be individuals, companies or organizations alike. We welcome entrepreneurs, students, social workers, startups and investors, as well as established for profit and nonprofit companies and organizations – as long as they are open-minded and eager to put new ideas into action.


We want to offer an inspirational environment for our events.  This is why, whenever possible, they take place in or near beautiful natural settings.

WOW Practices

We want to help you grow your ideas and challenges into WOW practices.

WOW practices are practices that add value, practices that matter, practices that make a difference, practices that leave a legacy.  And those are practices that bring joy into our daily work life on all levels – individual, team and company.


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If you are interested in the future of work, want to share your challenges or ideas, learn from and with other likeminded people, and if you are eager to put new ideas into action while having fun, our Learning & Discovery Camps (a.k.a. HIP Camps  whereas HIP stands for ‚human inspired and inspiring practice‘) are right for you.

Learning & Discovery Camps

Learning and Discovery Camps are a combination of traditional conference and seminar setups with activities for the body, mind and heart in an inspirational environment, thus offering a holistic and fun experience.

Outdoor Seminar

  • Inspiring speakers and topics of interest to participants
  • Networking with change and decision makers
  • Open Space for ideas to emerge
  • Community for design and rapid prototyping

Sessions take place in- and outdoor.

Learning and Discovery Camps Camps last from 1 day to 3 days, depending on the needs and desires of the audience.

Sustainable Results

The Academy offers to help you and your teams realize your newly created practices through an open coaching and consulting network as well as business partnerships.  This way we want to ensure sustainable results and encourage teams to share their results with the community and continue to learn from each other.


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World Economic Forum 2019
„The Art of New Business: Body, Mind and Soul of Digitization“

Human Business Summit 2019

MVP Summit for a Human World

The MVP Summit for a Human World is a forum and ideas festival for change and decision makers who are eager to develop orientations for a better, more humane world that benefits us all: people, societies and businesses – and take action now.

Learning & Discovery Camps

  • Sparking Conscious Leadership for Innovation
    3 days workshop for conscious business leaders.  Time and location tba.
  • Sparking Conscious Leadership for Human Business
    3 days workshop for conscious business leaders.  Time and location tba.
  • Future of Work MVP Summit
    3-4 days workshop retreat for conscious business leaders.  Time and location tba.
  • HIP Camp Shaping the Future of Work
    2-3 days HIP Camp.  Time and location tba.


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15-22 January 2017: Shaping the Future of Work. Klosters, Switzerland.

An exclusive workshop and event for thought leaders and change agents.  Next to developing and sharing ideas about the future of work, we attended the Open Forum at the World Economic Forum and, of course, explored the great outdoors.  Read the article about the general findings of the workshop here.

“Humanity in the Economy of the 21st century: Lessons from Magna International”

Workshop for alumni fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation as part of the Open Forum 2016 of the World Economic Forum. Davos, Switzerland, January 2016.

HIP Camp Heidelberg 2015

HIP Camp on Driving Social Business.  September 2015 near Heidelberg, Germany

HIP Camp Vals 2015

February 2015 in Vals, Italy

„Social Entrepeneurship: Let Happiness Happen“

2 days seminar for alumni of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation
November 2014 in Berlin, Germany

„Leadership, Happiness and Project Success“

Keynote presentation for Erste Bank Group, Project Management Event 2015
November 2014 in Vienna, Austria

„Leadership, Happiness and Project Success“

Keynote at PMI Netherlands Summit 2014
June 2014 in Zeist, Netherlands

„Leadership, Happiness and Project Success: Igniting the Spirit of Success Within You, Your Team and Your Community“

Title Happiness PPT Project Zone 2014Conference presentation, Project Zone Congress
April  2014 in Frankfurt, Germany

Click the picture to view a handout of the Project Zone Congress presentation.

„Finding the Spirit of WOW Projects: Turning ideas into projects for success and have fun at the same time“

Workshop for fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (invitation only). We selected problems and ideas shared during the panel discussion “Ethical Capitalism: Worth a Try?” at the Open Forum Davos and turned them into concrete project proposals.
January 2014 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

„Chairlift to Innovation: Building WOW Projects While Having Fun“

January 2014 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland event to go beyond the discussion of the hot topics of this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Event 2014.  How? We met on the slopes and chairlifts of the magnificient resort of Davos-Klosters and shared our ideas and turned them into concrete project proposals – and had fun at the same time. After all, what better location could there be to integrate good ideas, physical exercise and natural beauty!?


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The ‚Human Business Academy for Today’s Economy‚ is led by

  • Thomas Juli, Founder and Managing Director of Motivate2B
  • Dawna Jones, Owner of ‚From Insight to Action‚ and Partner at Motivate2B



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