Human Business Academy for Today's Economy

The goal of the Human Business Academy for Today's Economy is to explore and share the magic of human business and help business leaders master the future of work by identifying, living and sharing purpose, ideas and inspirations in the Digital Age. For this purpose, we offer workshops and retreats, consulting and an open business partner network.

„In the emerging age of Agile, the dynamic focuses on human beings creating delight for other human beings.“

Steve Denning


We believe in an inter-connected world and the power of human potential to rise above short-term business thinking and practice.

We believe that innovation and sustainable business value are direct results of conscious, holistic and human-centric leadership. We combine traditional conference and workshop setups with activities for the body, mind and heart, thus offering a holistic and fun experience.

Target Audience

We work with conscious business leaders to activate human trust and agility inside organizations while realizing sustainable business value.

Conscious business leaders can be individuals, companies or organizations alike. We welcome entrepreneurs, students, social workers, startups and investors, as well as established for profit and nonprofit companies and organizations - as long as they are open-minded and eager to put new ideas into action.

"I am more interested in the future than in the past because I intend to live in it."

Albert Einstein

The Academy offers to help you and your teams realize your newly created practices through an open coaching and consulting network as well as business partnerships.  This way we want to ensure sustainable results and encourage teams to share their results with the community and continue to learn from each other.

If you are interested in human business and the future of work, want to share your challenges or ideas, learn from and with other likeminded people, and if you are eager to put new ideas into action while having fun, our Learning & Discovery Camps are right for you.

Learning and Discovery Camps are a combination of traditional conference and seminar setups with activities for the body, mind and heart in an inspirational environment, thus offering a holistic and fun experience.

In addition to our academy, we are planning a Project Incubator & Accelerator for Human Business (PIA-HUB), where we will offer rooms, coaching and networks for human business projects.
Projects have the charm of having lower risks than startups. They have a shorter duration, are more suitable for experimental learning and can achieve results quickly, i.e. iteratively and incrementally. They can also be set up within an existing organization or as an independent hub.
Contact us to find out more about the idea behind the PIA-HUBs.