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MVP Summit for a Human World

A conference proposal and call for help:

teamwork_lift_earth_pc_800_clr_2960The MVP Summit helps grow ideas, questions and issues in our world into concrete practices for a better and more human world.

We, the people, are facing a number of great global challenges which seem insurmountable and threaten our world: struggling international organizations such as the EU or UN, accelerating technological change and globalization, global climate change, other large-scale environmental damage, politically motivated violence extreme poverty, pandemics, the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, and extensive refugee streams.

It is one thing to complain and demonstrate against the why and how these issues. Doing something about it is another thing. This is where the MVP Summit comes in.

The MVP Summit for a Human World is a forum and ideas festival for change and decision makers who are eager to develop orientations for a better, more humane world that benefits us all: people, societies and businesses – and take action now. 

MVP stands for Motivation, Vision and Practice. It serves as a compass to go beyond building vision by developing, supporting and following-up on concrete action steps that lead us to the vision of a human world, one step at a time.

[content_box style=“fire“ title=“HUMAN BUSINESS SUMMIT, Fall 2019″] This fall, we partner with Human Business Architects, to run our second Human Business Summit in southern Germany. Registration will be open by May 2019.  [/content_box]

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We believe in an inter-connected world and the power of human potential to rise above short-term political and business thinking and practice.

We believe that innovation and sustainable business value are direct results of conscious, holistic and human-centric leadership. We combine a traditional conference and workshop setup with activities for the body, mind and heart, thus offering a holistic and joyful experience.


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construction_cone_pair_400_clr_3577Global Issues

We live in a divided, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world which is characterized by a growing number of issues of political, business, economic, social, health and environmental nature.

  • Political issues: Political organizations such as the EU cannot reach the population anymore. The UK’s decision to leave the EU, prolonged economic crisis and rising anti-immigrant sentiment are challenging the traditional model of European integration. At the same time politicians have lost touch with the need and values of the people. Not too surprisingly populism is on the rise propagating quick and simple solutions while actually widening the divide, spreading fear, hate and power struggles.
  • Business and economic issues: more and more managers are addicted to corporate cocaine, i.e., focusing exclusively on short short-term profits neglecting or ignoring long-term effects of its practices on the environment, people, communities and nature. Ironically, the very same companies have deteriorating business value and struggle attracting young talents, offering no prospects of the future of work for, after all, their old business models have worked in the past – why shouldn’t they in the future, too.
    The pace of technological advances is picking up daily. The digital or so called Fourth Industrial Revolution seem to crush the old, established economic system and leave people in the old economy left behind. On the other side, as globalization increases the gap between the rich and poor countries seem to widen even further.
    Desperately trying to find answers for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges politicians search for quick solutions and turn to old practices, promises and ideologies of the past, such as protectionism and promoting industries of the old economy. It helps them win elections but risks the welfare of millions in the mid- and long-run.
  • Other global issues: On top of these issues we face worldwide challenges such global climate change, other large-scale environmental damage, politically motivated violence (war, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction), extreme poverty, pandemics, the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, and extensive refugee streams

It is one thing to complain and demonstrate against the why and how these issues. Doing something about it is another thing. This is where the MVP Summit comes in.


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figures_hold_dart_400_clr_9413Solution: The MVP Summit

From problem description to vision and orientation, to practical solution and action

It is one thing to complain and demonstrate against the why and how these issues. Doing something about it is another thing. This is where the MVP Summit comes in.

The MVP Summit for a Human World is a forum and ideas festival for change and decision makers who are eager to develop orientations for a better, more humane world that benefits us all: people, societies and businesses – and take action now.

The MVP Summit is more than a conference

If you are interested in building a more humane world, want to share your ideas, insights or challenges, learn from and with other likeminded people, and if you are eager to put new ideas into action in a creative and joyful atmosphere, the MVP Summit is right for you.

The MVP Summit is a combination of traditional conference, barcamps and seminar setups with activities for the body, mind and heart in an inspirational environment, thus offering a holistic and fun and joyful experience.

It is a forum and ideas festival with

Outdoor Seminar

  • Inspiring speakers
  • Networking with change and decision makers
  • Open Space for ideas to emerge
  • Community for design and rapid prototyping
  • In- and outdoor activities
  • Art shows and concerts

Sessions take place in- and outdoor.

We invite great speakers and individuals who want to share their problems and ideas and do something about them.  They may not have a concrete idea how to accomplish them.  This is all right for this is what the MVP Summit is about. The MVP Summit wants to be a catalyst for growing questions, problems and ideas into concrete practice for change.

How?  We follow a very simple, yet effective approach for turning ideas, questions or challenges into new visions and manageable practices – the MVP approach.


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MVP stands for Motivation, Vision and Practice.

The Motivation describes the issue at hand, its challenges and questions or ideas worth exploring. The motivation constitutes the background of a given issue.

The Vision describes the ideal state, in contrast to the issue(s) at hand. The Vision gives the orientation needed for practice.

Practice is a concrete step toward reaching the vision. This could be a single activity, a policy guideline, a prototype, a project, a new organizational concept or the creation of a new business.

Both motivation and vision are long-lasting, they are not time bound. They set the framework and orientation for the respective practice. Motivation and vision may serve as a compass for practice.  The bottom line though is that Motivation, Vision and Practice have to go hand in hand in order to make a difference, to add value, to matter and to leave a legacy and thus serve as orientation for others.

The MVP Summit provides the space to build MVP’s for making our world better and more humane

Motivation – Meet others who can relate to where we are at today. Share what motivates us to build a more human world.

Vision – Together participants identify their vision of a more human world along with the values and timeless principles that provide stability and certainty.

Practice – The MVP Summit offers a chance to go beyond exchanging ideas. Develop concrete actions and implement them in the form of new policy guidelines, prototypes, projects, new organizational concepts or the creation of new businesses or organizations.


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Target Audience

The MVP Summit invites change and decision makers who want to make our world a better and more human place and who want to go beyond sharing ideas, questions or problems and instead take action.

These can be individuals, companies or organizations alike. We welcome change and policy makers, activists, entrepreneurs, students, social workers, startups and investors, as well as established for profit and nonprofit companies and organizations.

We do not invite people who challenge human rights, democratic values or checks and balances in democratic systems in any form, who propose hate, exclusion, fear, intimidation, violence or who want to promote or defend a certain religion or an ideology, may it be from the radical left or right wing. In other words, the Summit will not provide a platform in any form for friends and avid supporters of politicians such as Putin, Trump, Orban, LePen or likeminded individuals.


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Program Structure

While a schedule has yet to be designed, the MVP Summit will have four main parts:

1. The issues

The MVP Summit will address top issues and challenges we face in our world today and tomorrow. Needless to say we can pick only a few.
Following initial presentations of the issues, for example in the form of TED like keynotes, we open the space for discussion and building MVP’s.

2. What about us, individually?

The MVP Summit will provide the space for participants to reflect on their personal MVP’s and how they relate to the MVP’s developed during the first part of the Summit.

3. How can we work together?

The third part addresses how we can best collaborate moving our practices forward.

4. What’s next?

Last but not least, we plan concrete actions how to follow-up on newly developed practices.

The MVP Summit plans to provide a platform and community for participants and the public where they can share their newly created practices, progress as well as questions or new issues.   This way we want to ensure sustainable results and encourage people to share their practices, issues or questions with the community and continue to learn from each other.


2 ½ days – 4 days, depending on location and funding


The MVP Summit makes use of new and best practices of modern leadership and management methodologies such as Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, mindfulness exercises, Theory U (Otto Scharmer) and more. Speakers and facilitators come from business, have experience with these tools and are thought leaders in their field.

The MVP Summit follows a holistic learning approach and takes participants on an interactive learning journey. Use the workshop playground for the intellectual exchange, restoring physical and mental strength and balance. Rest in a reflective sanctuary where you can identify emerging opportunities, align them with your own true purpose and test-drive them with fellow participants. Expand your personal understanding of a human world while increasing contextual awareness of emerging opportunities in the Digital Age.


The location has not been selected yet. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

We want to offer a place and environment that allows participants to „escape“ from day-to-day routines and to fully engage in an open exchange of experiences and new ideas. We believe that this can best be achieved in or close to nature.


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While the MVP Summit for a Human World will be new in its kind, similar activities have taken place over the last couple of years.

January 2017: Shaping the Future of Work

An exclusive workshop and event for thought leaders and change agents in Davos / Klosters, Switzerland.  Next to developing and sharing ideas about the future of work, we attended the Open Forum at the World Economic Forum and, of course, explored the great outdoors.  Read the article about the general findings of the workshop here.

January 2016: “Humanity in the Economy of the 21st century: Lessons from Magna International”

Workshop for alumni fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation as part of the Open Forum 2016 of the World Economic Forum in in Davos / Klosters, Switzerland.

September 2015:  HIP Camp Heidelberg

HIP Camp on Driving Social Business, the first Human Inspired Practice Camp near Heidelberg, Germany.

November 2014: „Social Entrepeneurship: Let Happiness Happen“

2 days seminar for alumni of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

January 2014:  „Finding the Spirit of WOW Projects: Turning ideas into projects for success“

Workshop for fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (invitation only) in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. We selected problems and ideas shared during the panel discussion “Ethical Capitalism: Worth a Try?” at the Open Forum Davos and turned them into concrete project proposals.

January 2014:  „Chairlift to Innovation: Building WOW Projects While Having Fun“ event in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland that went beyond the discussion of the hot topics of the World Economic Forum Annual Event 2014.  How? We met on the slopes and chairlifts of the magnificient resort of Davos-Klosters and shared our ideas and turned them into concrete project proposals – and had fun at the same time. After all, what better location could there be to integrate good ideas, physical exercise and natural beauty!?


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In order to develop and realize the MVP Summit we need a strong team of collaborators.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining. Or, if you know of a similar initiative anywhere else, please let us know, too.



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