We are the idea and project incubator for companies that want to keep and maintain their human core in the digital age, but lack ideas and resources on how to implement it.

We close this gap.

We provide the space to turn their challenges into concrete solutions in the form of implementable projects.

Fast.   Sustainable. And with joy.

„In the emerging age of Agile, the dynamic focuses on human beings creating delight for other human beings.“

Steve Denning


We believe in an inter-connected world and the power of human potential to rise above short-term business thinking and practice.

We believe that innovation and sustainable business value are direct results of conscious, holistic and human-centric leadership. We combine traditional conference and workshop setups with activities for the body, mind and heart, thus offering a holistic and fun experience.

Target Audience

We work with executives, business founders, parts of a team or anyone who believes in a humane future and wants to actively shape it.  

Together with you, we set out to strengthen the human core in your company and thus unravel real competitive advantages in the digital age.

"I am more interested in the future than in the past because I intend to live in it."

Albert Einstein

Large, urgent and sometimes unsolvable problems need quick and practical solutions.  We believe that projects are ideally suited for this.  Compared to startups, projects are easier to set up, are more flexible, less risky, smaller in scale, offer faster learning curves, are easier to scale, attract wider audiences, are less expensive and are easier to integrate into existing enterprise landscapes.

Human Business Labs offer companies the creative space to turn their challenges into concrete, implementable projects. Fast, within 2 days to 6 weeks.

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If you are interested in human business and the future of work, want to share your challenges or ideas, learn from and with other likeminded people, and if you are eager to put new ideas into action while having fun, our Discovery Camps are right for you.

Learning and Discovery Camps are a combination of traditional conference and seminar setups with activities for the body, mind and heart in an inspirational environment, thus offering a holistic and fun experience.

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