"Human Business.
How to Rediscover our Human Being
& Shape Our Future."

The digital age offers us humans the unique opportunity to unfold our human potential for the benefit of ourselves, our society, the environment and the economy
- provided we ask the right questions.

If we want to use digitalization as a tool for shaping our future, we first have to rediscover our human being and develop ideas about how we want to live.

The digital age offers us humans the unique opportunity to unfold our human potential for the benefit of ourselves, our society, the environment and the economy - provided we ask the right questions.

The book introduces Human Business as a design tool for living and working in the digital age. It provokes to question old ideas and practices. At the same time, it encourages to rediscover our human core and actively shape our lives and work accordingly. No matter what role we play; be it as a business leader or manager, as a game changer or just as a human being, a Mensch.

The book was first published by Haufe in German.  The English version of "Human Business" will published later in 2021.  In the meantime, have a look at a summary of the key points of the book and visit our English blog posts and YouTube channel. If you can think of or recommend an English publisher and like to review the complete manuscript, contact us by email.

1          Introduction: A World in Transition


2          Tradition Meets Modernity
3          Human Business in Practice


4          Questions as Answers to Questions of Our Time
5          In Search of Orientation
6          Boys Don’t Cry - Men Do!
7          Playing
8          Paths to Being Human
9          Gratitude
10        Dancing Life


11        The MVP Model
12        A Practical Example: The HIP Camp
13        Human Design Spaces
14        The Golden Rule for The Digital Age


15        Agile Door Openers
16        Leadership for Change
17        Human Business Design 101
18        Being Human in The Digital Age

18        Being human in the digital age

"‘ Human Business ‘is a bridge to another economic order."
Gerald Hüther, neurobiologist and author

“For everything that is to come it will be extremely important how far we can synchronize genuine humanism with business and the economy. This is the future project of our century."
Matthias Horx, trend researcher and founder of Zukunftsinstitut

“The adventure of being human in the digital age urgently calls for new social and political structures and principles. For the today’s experienced reality still largely follows what was practiced in analog times. The book "Human Business" by Dr. Thomas Juli gives very important impulses for the conception of a society and politics in the digital reality."
Dieter Althaus, Vice President Governmental Affairs Magna Europe, fomer governor of the federal state of Thuringia

“The book is more than a business or life guide - it is a guiding star, a compass for a new, self-directed, respectful and loving human existence. My deepest wish: May the book touch many, many people - because this is what it was written for!"
Evelyn Oberleiter, Co-founder and Managign Director of Terra Institute, Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy

"In the idea of" human business", managers bring the interests of customers, employees and companies into balance - but not as the" lowest "common denominator, but as a mutually reinforcing synergy. A fascinating leadership approach that provides inspiring and meaningful orientation in times of new work confusion."
Erdwig Holste, Managing Director of Management Angels GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

"The book thinks from the end - it's about the role of companies in a society that is about"happiness", well-being, and quality of life."
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Ruckriegel, Happiness researcher and Professor for Economics, Technical University Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm

“‘Human Business ‘is a courageous and sensitive book that consistently puts people at the center of the entrepreneurial sense and purpose. It gives us design tools for sustainable, human life and work in the digital age. It is up to us to practice it.
Frank Schäfer, HR Transformation Leader Germany & Partner, Deloitte Consulting, Germany

“Human Business is the call to shape the world in which our children will live, now and from now on, capable of survival, worth living in and human. Thomas Juli shows why this is necessary and how it can be achieved - in a concrete, practical and optimistic way.“
Marcell Heinrich, future education expert, pedagogue, author and founder of the Hero Society, Leipzig, Germany

“This approach nails it:  humanity is the the only drive to successfully meet the challenges of the new, digital and unplanned world.
“Human Business” illustrates the opportunity that we have in today's digital age: to rediscover our own humanity in order to unfold our full  potential. For personal satisfaction as well as business and society. Thanks for this book!"
Lasse Rheingans, Author of „The 5 Hours Revolution

"Dr. Thomas Juli plausibly explains why being human is the key to success in times of digital transformation. Wonderful!!"
Torsten Bittlingmaier, TalentManagers

“'Human Business' comes at exactly the right time. Hopefully it will inspire many people - both in a private and in a business context - to become active contributors to the work, life and learning culture of the future."
Hansjörg Fetzer, Managing Director of Haufe Akademie

"I've known Thomas Juli for over 15 years: he not only writes about human business, he lives it, too!"
Klaus Tumuscheit, Author and project management expert

“While other authors put human creativity at the service of algorithms that implement business models autonomously as a company operating system, Thomas Juli speaks of a new opportunity for humanism in his new book“ Human Business - Living and Working in the Digital Age ”. It's an exciting outline of a time ahead of us that sees digitalization as a utopia."
Bernhard D. Valnion, Editor-in-chief and Managing Director of d1g1tal AGENDA

“Human business is the inspiring foundation on which we can build the new economy. Deeply human and full of potential. For people, nature, meaning and the sustainable future of companies alike."
Stefan Götz, Author of Change Leader Inside & The Next Wave in Business

“In ten years' time, most companies will focus on creating sustainable added value for their customers, their employees, the company itself and the environment. Dr. Thomas Juli explains why humanizing your company is becoming a competitive necessity and how you can prepare for it."
Peter Stevens, Autor von Personal Agility

““ The focus is on people! ”How often have we heard this confession and intentionl, which is often used in clichés, in recent years. This book clearly shows how this expression can and has to be brought to life. A wonderful and pioneering book."
Michael Streng, Executive Partner, Parameta Projektmanagement Beratung GmbH, Germany

"Human Business helps decision-makers to develop their company to what it was actually always intended for: by people, for people."
Michael Buttgereit, designer and founder of Gute Botschafter, an agency for meaningful brand management

“The complex and uncertain environment for companies requires a paradigm shift in leadership. The dogma of efficiency should not determine everything, but throughput, innovation and anti-fragility are the new guiding principles. In agile management and the associated self-organization, people with their creative, design skills have a new meaning that they must develop further in future collaboration with machines."
Hubertus Tuczek, Professor for Management and Leadership, University of Landshut

"The human business approach creates an attractive corporate culture that attracts especially  the high potentials of Millennials."
Sabine Schwind von Egelstein, Consultant for Corporate Culture, Ambassador of the "Golden Rule"