Being human

We humans are more than just resources and passive victims of change in the digital age. We are human beings.

Today more than ever, we have to ask ourselves the question, how do we want to live as humans? It's a question of wanting and creating. In order to answer it, we first have to know what we really want. And who we are or who we want to be. Will we continue to be only resources and consumers in the great economic structure, or do we want to take over the helm as humans?

Traditional business of the 20th century primarily treats us humans as input or objects. This has worked wonderfully for decades and paid off nicely. Business comes first, people, at best, second. Be it as a consumer or as a means to an end, as a resource.

Human Business reverses this order.  People come first; not as consumers or resources, but as human beings. Business comes second. Not for business, but to serve people.