"Human Business"

The book Human Business: Living and Working in the Digital Age (November 2020, Haufe Verlag*) shows what it is like when we put humans in the center of our economic activities. Not as resources, but as human beings. It helps us move from passively reacting to the changes of our time to a proactive, responsible and optimistic design of our future. On this token, the book explains why the digital age offers a unique opportunity to rediscover our human nature, unfold our potential. It shows how we can shape our lives and work in a sustainable, human way.
* At present the book is available only in German.


From traditional to Human Business

Digitalization and the VUCA world bring traditional companies to the edge of their possibilities. If they want to survive, they must inevitably open themselves to a transformation and actively tackle it. This doesn't happen over night. It takes effort and discipline. Visually speaking, we can compare this with the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.