Dr. Thomas Juli

Managing Director

Designer, architect and coach for
agile business and project transformation in the digital age

Today’s economy is increasingly shaped by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. If business intends to continue to be commercially successful, it requires vision and experience in pragmatic approaches how to master these challenges. As an expert in agile and systemic organizational design, digital transformation and leadership development, Dr. Thomas Juli fulfills this requirement.

He is offering more than 25 years of progressive leadership and management experience in various functions including organizational development, project and program management, management consulting, professional training and academic teaching.  Next to running Motivate2B he is co-founder of Human Business Architects, a group of coaches that aims to re-humanize digital.  He also mentors start-ups and is a lecturer for innovation and technology management at a private research university. In 2019 he joined the jury of the World Agility Forum.  From 2014 till 2016 he led a strategic organizational development program at the global automotive supplier ‚Magna International‘.

Prior to starting his own business, he worked for ‚SAP‘ and two leading management and IT consultancies, ‚Sapient‘ and ‚Cambridge Technology Partners‘. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as the Global Congresses of the Project Management Institute, NASA Project Management Challenge, and Corporate Social Responsibility Forum; in January 2019 he was a panelist at the FQ Lounge at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He is the author of Leadership Principles for Project Success  (CRC Press, New York, 2011).  His new book „Being Human in a Digital Age“ will be published in 2020.

Before entering business he was engaged in research in the fields of economics and US foreign policy. He holds a doctorate with distinction in international studies from the University of Miami, USA, and an M.A. in economics from Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

In his free time, he loves all kinds of outdoor activities such as running, hiking and free climbing, skiing and snowboarding. He holds a 2nd Dan (black belt) in Taekwondo, is practicing Vinyasa Yoga and dancing Tango Argentino.


Motivate2B is working with a number of selected partners. These partnerships help realize our mission to motivate businesses to be human, activate human trust and agility inside organizations while realizing sustainable business value.

Human Business Architects

Re-humanizing digital

The Human Business Architects is a group of experienced coaches whose goal is to re-humanize digital.

The Human Business Architects lead from the emerging future. They co-create and develop a mindset with a human touch which is required to successfully guide business in rapid change, digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

Their work is driven by their Core Values that state

  • We are dreamers who live, inspire and share purpose, values and life’s principles.
  • We shape the present for our future generations.
  • We focus on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Dawna Jones

Visionary, releasing deep creative potential

Dawna Jones, founder and owner of From Insight to Action, brings edgy thinking, helping you see the big picture and how to engage much more of your personal and company potential.

  • Unconventional fresh approaches to developing creative agility
  • A fresh angle on perplexing problems
  • Better decision making habits to work effectively with complexity while adapting to emerging realities
  • Connect principles to practice for effective use of time and energy
  • Fun

Dawna runs runs the Evolutionary Provocateur podcast for managers and leaders at every level who realize that change for the better is driven by vision, a strong sense of inspired purpose and a different way of thinking. Guests include Steven Kotler, Simon Sinek, Doug Kirkpatrick, Rod Collins, Steve Denning, Jos de Blok, and a host of other perspectives each offering tools and doorways to business achieving life-enhancing results. Restorative and regenerative business. Go to iTunes and see the episode list.

Dawna Jones and Motivate2B have been working together on the upcoming Learning & Discovery Camps for conscious business leaders, to be launched in 2017.

Klaus Tumuscheit

Project Management Expert, Coach, Trainer

 Klaus Tumuscheit is one of the leading project management experts in Germany. Author of 4 bestselling books on project management he breathes project management.

tumuscheit books

Management Angels

Interim Management Provider

The Management Angels are the only interim management provider in Germany with a sector focus. We primarily place highly qualified interim executives in the automotive, energy, industry, IT, life science, online media, services, telecommunication . With a pool of 1.500 managers, the Hamburg-based company belongs to the market leaders in Germany.

Reichert Consulting

Strategy consultant and innovation expert

Reichert Consulting GmbH: Strategy consultant and innovation expert.  This is what Klaus Reichert says about his services:

Zusammen mit engagierten, kreativen Unternehmern und Managern von High-Tech Firmen und Start-ups aus Internet, IT, Telekommunikation, Mobilität, Energie und Forschung arbeite ich an neuen Geschäftsmodellen und Innovationsstrategien, begleite unabhängig Ideenfindung, Konzeption und Marketing für neue Produkte und Märkte als Berater & Coach.

Transformation Consulting International

Partnering Consulting Network

We, Transformation Consulting International, are an association of independent, self-employed, practically experienced partners. The structure of TCI ensures a high degree of reliability and liability in fulfilling our promises. Systematic and proactive ongoing development of our industry expertise and professional competence through our own expert communities ensures that our customers receive the best answers to their questions, resulting in being better prepared for future business challenges.

TCI has acquired a large part of the professional experience by leading and working in business-responsible positions for 20 years and more.

  • As managing directors, heads of division, CIOs, executive consultants
  • In the IT- and communication industry, machinery and construction, electrical and electronic industries, production and chemical industries
  • In strategy and business development, sales, purchasing, consulting, project management, service, IT.

As responsible managers we have experienced demanding transformations of companies, divisions of companies and departments providing an important element of our performance. Practiced leadership responsibility in global oriented companies, as well as a number of engagements abroad, has laid the foundation for a strong international presence. We are ready for extensive foreign assignments.

Leadership Kultur Stiftung | Leadership Culture Foundation

Empowering Leadership Culture

The Leadership Culture Foundation Landau promotes ‚leadership culture‘ in social and professional areas of action through continuing education courses and research projects.  The development of ‚Leadership Culture‘ means the comprehensive promotion of empowerment of leaders in business, industry, science, culture, politics, management, school, health and social services.
The Foundation offers seminars, workshops and symposia for professionals and executives on current topics in organizational learning, occupational education and human resources, research projects in the areas of leadership, business development, human resources and organizational development.