Creating your MVP and living it – This could be the decisive action for the upcoming World Economic Forum (#WEF23) in Davos next week, 2023 in general and beyond.  It is a simple and yet very powerful way to streamline our actions to shape what is ahead of us.

MVP stands for Motivation, Vision and Practice.

Motivation addresses our deepest drivers.  It leaves superficial goals and desires behind.  In order to get a better idea of our motivation, the following questions may help:

Ask yourself, „What matters to you the most in your personal life and/or at work? – Why?

Alternatively, answer the following set of questions:
What bothers you? What problem do you have? What challenges do you face? – Why is this, why are these an issue?
Who or what is affect by this or these issues?
What happens if nothing happens?

Answering these questions give you a better idea about your motivation.

Vision points to a North Star, to an idea solution or situation addressing our motivation.   An opening question can be, „How do you want to live and work?

Practice then brings Motivation and Vision to life.  The following question can guide us: „What can you do now that brings you closer to your Vision?

Creating your MVP and living it can be a game changer to many fields our lives

Creating and living our MVP can provide orientation and guidance to our personal lives, collaboration with colleagues at work, our business or even our society.  The more overlaps our MVPs we have, the more energy, joy, synergies, learnings can we generate and enjoy.

Upcoming Events

Create your MVP and live it is on buttons I created as give-aways and dialogue openers for my visit to the World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos in mid January.


In addition, creating MVPs is a central element in two workshops I will be hosting in cooperation with the House of Balance Davos.

  • THE SPIRIT OF DAVOS: Shaping the Hearts of our Futures” on January 14 and 15, 2023 is a 2-days retreat, dialogue and coaching workshop at the dawn of the World Economic Forum 2023.
    Use the promo code M2B-WEF23 at checkout for a special discount.
  • THE MVP FORMULA FOR HUMAN BUSINESS” on January 20, 2023 is a 1 day leadership workshop discovering and exploring the magic of Human Business for you.
    This workshop has already been booked out since December 2022, there will be a follow-up retreat fromMay 18-21, 2023 in Davos.  Details will be announced by mid February 2023.

To learn more about my personal MVP, have a look at my recent post Creating myself – my motto for the year 2023 or visit my YouTube channel.

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