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Your Path to Happy Leadership and Project Success

WebinarankündigungToday, 18 September 2013, I will be giving a free webinar for the PMI Information Systems Community of Practice entitled “Leadership, Happiness and Project Success”.   Follow this LINK to learn more about dial-in information

2 Ingredients for project success

In this webinar I am exploring two crucial ingredients for project success: empowering leadership and happiness.  I explains why and how leadership can help build successful projects by actively accounting for happiness on the individual, group, project and organizational levels.  Attendees will learn how to find a clear focus of what they really want to achieve, create a strategy through principle centered leadership, resolve project issues and align their priorities for happiness and project success.

Target Audience:  YOU

The presentation targets anyone who is sincerely interested in finding new and transforming ways to project success.  These can be individuals, project managers, project team members, line managers, line organizations, companies or social groups.

Free Registration

Registration is free for active PMI members.  If you are not a PMI member and still want to view the presentation, have a look at my handout on Slideshare. Or, if you like to receive a pdf version of the presentation, please contact me directly.

What’s next?

Institute FolieIn my webinar I am talking about my personal vision of helping build an Institute for Project and Business Transformation.  This cannot be done by oneself.  Instead, it takes the effort of like-minded people and a strong, performing team.  On this token I want to invite you to join this great effort.  Stay tuned for updates on this new and exciting project.


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You have to behave like a kid to become a leader

Can trainee programs teach leadership? Yes, but most of them don’t

I conducted a project leadership for members of a trainee program.  Attendees were motivated and full of energy.  Participation was very good and some of the insights and outcomes of the interactive exercises were even astounding.  Then, toward the end, the bubble of excitement bursted when one of the attendees asked for more detailed instructions how to apply „my“ 5 leadership principles for project success.  „Eh, what!?“ I thought. „Have I missed anything? Didn’t we just go through a number of exercises that addressed the very same question?“ – What went wrong?

108088_web_R_K_by_Jerzy Sawluk_pixelio.deYou have to act like a little kid again to become a leader

What went wrong was that I mistakenly assumed that the trainees to think on their own, to leave their old perceptions behind at least for a few moments and to walk on their own.  Sorry, this was a mistake. What I didn’t understand or at least forgot that students these days have been drilled to memorize whatever the teacher gives them.  The less they challenge the material, the better.  For it is more important to get a good grade and pass.
This is legitimate and it works for the grand majority of people.  However, if you want to train leaders it is a dead end.  You have to take (most) students back to when they were little kids asking the annoying „WHY?“ question over and over again.  And – you have to encourage these leadership trainees to go ahead and ask the WHY? question on a daily basis.  Even if they face obstacles, opposition and rejection.  If they don’t have the guts and maybe even don’t see the necessity to take these steps, they should not claim to learn something about leadership.  They may become decent managers but probably never reach the level of leadership.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood trainee programs build playgrounds

On this token, can trainee programs teach leadership? – Yes, if they start teaching their trainees the necessity and value of asking WHY? and to start walking on their own.  – Luckily, they do exist. – If instead trainee programs focus on technical and old-school management skills, forget it.

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Free Webinar „The 5 Team Leadership Principles for Project Success“, Oct 5, 12 PM EST

On October 5, 2011 I will conduct a one hour webinar entitled „The 5 Team Leadership Principles for Project Success“.
What is it about?
We all need and thrive for successful projects.  But what does it take to get there?  There is no doubt that good project management is a critical success factor.  But is it really sufficient?  I don’t think so.  I claim that effective project management needs to have a solid foundation in project leadership AND team work.  It takes a performing team to run a project successfully.  And it takes effective leadership to empower the team to do so.  This is why team building is a decisive factor for project success. 
Webinar Date: Wednesday October 5th 2011
Webinar Time: 12:00PM EST (Eastern Daylight Saving Time USA/Canada)
Webinar Duration: 1hour

Webinar Title: The 5 Team Leadership Principles for Project Success  
Webinar Presenter  Dr Thomas Juli

To Registerhttp://www.visualwebcaster.com/event.asp?id=82418

WebCast Log-In Instructions for Participants:
For your reference, all participants will log into the Webcast via the following registration URL: http://www.visualwebcaster.com/event.asp?id=82418
As a reminder, participants will hear the audio via their computer speakers If participants are unable to hear the audio via their computer speakers, would prefer to listen via their telephone, please have them call the following phone number at anytime.
Dial-In Instructions for all Participants:
Toll-Free (US & Canada):  (888) 567-1603
International Dial-In (Toll):  (201) 604-5052
Callers will reference the PMI  webcast.

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Follow-up on leadership seminar

On Feb 21, 2011 I conducted a one-day workshopLeadership Principles for Project Success“ in Frankfurt, Germany.

It was a wonderful learning experience.  Given the highly interactive character of this workshop all participants could learn a lot about the various aspects of leadership and how to apply them in their daily project work.

Additional photos will be available soon on the website of the PMI Frankfurt Chapter.

A similar workshop will be offered on June 6, 2011 in Munich, Germany.  I will let you know as soon as more information will be available.

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