I have just finished preparing my presentation for the upcoming PMI Global Congress North America in Washington, DC.  On October 10 I will be speaking about „A fool with a tool is still a fool:  Overcoming possible pitfalls of introducing collaboration tools“.

Collaboration is and always has been a central factor for project success.  In times of international projects and virtual team environments collaboration is more important than ever.  Technology can help overcome geographical boundaries to achieve collaboration.  Indeed, technology has become an enabler of communication and collaboration.  And yet collaboration is not about technology.  It is about people and human interactions.  Technology can enable, facilitate and promote collaboration.  Provided we are aware of the limitations and possible pitfalls of introducing collaboration tools.  This presentation / paper identifies possible pitfalls.  And it lays out a roadmap how to overcome them and successfully introduce collaboration tools – without becoming slaves of our own collaboration tools.

Click the link below to view and download the paper of my presentation.  Feedback is welcome and appreciated.  A manuscript of the presentation will be made available shortly before or after the actual presentation in DC.

A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool_ by Thomas Juli, Ph.D. – October 2010