If you are interested or alreaday practicing agile project management Michele Sliger’s and Stacia Broderick’s book „The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility“ (Addison Wesley, 2008)  is a must-read.

There are a LOT of books on agile project management out there. Unfortunately, there are hardly any which explain how to build a bridge from traditional to agile project management. This books fills this gap.
One of the outstanding features of the book is that it explains how Agile differs from the PMBOK, one of the world standard in project management these days. Even more important it shows that Agile is not contradictory to the PMBOK or vice versa. It thus succeeds building the much needed bridge for traditionalists.

Readers who have read about Scrum, XP and other agile approaches are highly recommended to read Michele Sliger’s and Stacia Broderick’s book. The modern and effective project manager should be knowledgeable and experienced in both approaches and be able to pick the right approach for the customer.

I highly recommend this book.