Yes, we are in a recession. So what!? It is a normal thing in our economy. The severity may change and the present recession seems to become a big one. Still, this must not be a reason to despair, lament the present situation. Instead, it is the best time to start something new. Get rid of old patterns which did not work well, throw out old beliefs. Prepare the playing field for the time of the recovery and boom which will come. Build new vision, derive new objectives, review and test them, and then follow through. Once more it comes down to ‘defining vision’, the utmost characteristic of effective leadership. Second, encourage others, convince them of the value of your vision. Third, be fair and open to feedback. Especially during a recession. But again, look forward, learn from your mistakes and move on. Last but not least, deliver. Lay the seeds of results and success.

Is it that simple?  The guidelines certainly are.  Realization may take time, but that is nothing new.  So, yes, it is that simple.