Yes, agile and SAP.  It may not fit together at first sight but is it possible?  Why not!?

I posted this question on the PMIAGILE yahoogroup a couple of weeks ago.  Today I have finally received a response.  I was pointed to a presentation at the AGILE 2007 conference.

Janice Aston, Project Manager at Canadian Pacific, and Gerard Meszaros, Agile Coach at clearStream Consulting, came up the with the following conclusion (quoting slide 36 of their presentation):

  • ERP is a classic Agile-Hostile environment
    – And has it’s own, extra challenges
  • Agile development assumes a bunch of stuff
    – Many assumptions are implicit
    – we don’t realize we make them!
    – Many assumptions violated in SAP reality
  • Proprietary Toolset is Very Limiting
    – Can work around technology limitations
    – but impacts productivity …
  • PEOPLE matter most
    – You can teach an old dog new tricks; it just takes longer!
  • Can deliver a superior product using Agile
    – Even in SAP!

Now, this proves that AGILE and SAP can go hand in hand.

If you have made similar experiences, let me know and please share your stories and insights.