A very simple question: can you teach leadership?

Yes, of course Just have a look at the thousands of books about leadership (haha, including my own :-)).  This, by itself has to be a good indicator that leadership can be taught.  Then, there are so many courses on leadership at schools – high schools, colleges, universities, seminars, etc.

No, you can’t.  You have learn about leadership by experiencing it.  This is nothing you can get by reading a book.  You have to go and get your hands dirty. After all, leadership is about people and you can’t find people or work with them in books.  Books may inspire you, but at the end of the day you have to act.

So, who’s right?  Both perspectives have their merit.  Personally, I think you can learn a lot about leadership through books, courses and, even more important, through role models.  All of them can  inspire you.  The question then is, what are you waiting for?!  If you feel inspired, act, don’t wait or pick up another book. Play, make mistakes, learn and grow.  – There is one prerequisite though, you have to develop the right attitude about leadership.  This is much deeper than mere actions.  You have to be „one with yourself“, know what your life’s purpose is, develop your goals and follow through while at the same time respect life.  Not just your own but the life of your whole environment.