We all need and thrive for successful projects.  But what does it take to get there?  There is no doubt that good project management is a critical success factor.  But is it really sufficient?  I don’t think so.  Instead, effective project management needs to have a solid foundation in project leadership AND team work.  It takes a performing team to run a project successfully.  And it takes effective leadership to empower the team to do so.  This is why team building is a decisive factor for project success.

Based on my own experience I have identified 5 team leadership principles that build a foundation for effective team building.  They include

  1. building a common project vision,
  2. nurturing team collaboration,
  3. cultivating team performance,
  4. promoting team learning,
  5. ensuring team delivery.

These 5 principles encompass the core of effective leadership in a team.

In my upcoming lecture at the 8th NASA Project Management Challenge in Long Beach, CA, USA, Feb 9-10, 2011 I will present these 5 principles of effective project leadership and show how they can help build and manage a performing and winning team.  – See you in Long Beach!