In his latest post Bill Barren talks about the importance of realizing the urgency of a problem if you want to change something.  The blog is entitled „Mosquitos, Malaria and What May Be Stopping You From Getting Clients“.  Bill cites the dilemma of malaria deaths in Africa and how easily they could be prevented.  Alas, people don’t realize how to do it until it is too late.

Helping people then, no matter under what circumstances, he advocates you should first find out if they feel this sense of urgency or if they are still happy with the present circumstances.  I would like to go a step further:  find out what drives people, find out what motivates them (have a look at one of my past posts on this very topic).  If you found out what drives them and they still don’t see the urgency to change, find ways and means to show them the implications if they don’t do anything about the situation.  Develop a creative tension which then makes them move.  Unless you are perfectly happy with the present and accept the status quo.