I have written many posts on the right leadership principles for project success.  I strongly believe that effective project management needs to have a solid foundation in leadership.  Without leadership chances are that projects become „just another project“ – far from the sought after „Wow“-project.

The question arises what skills are actually are needed for leadership to develop.  I have outlined them in my my book „Leadership Prnicples for Project Success“, but it is always great to read a fresh perspective on this very important topic of leadership skills for project managers. Claudia Vandermilt of Villanova University offers such a fresh and inspiring perspective.  In a recent blog post she outlines the following 5 leadership skills for project managers.  They are:

  1. Provide Structure
  2. Communicate Clearly
  3. Lead by Example
  4. Encourage Trust
  5. Motivate

I encourage you to read the complete blog post by Claudia to learn more about these skills.  Only so much: These 5 skills go hand in hand with the 5 leadership principles (1. build vision, 2. nurture collaboration, 3. promote performance, 4. cultivate learning, 5. ensure results) I elaborate in my own book.  They compliment each other.

Note though that knowing about these principles and required skills doesn’t make you a leader yet.  You have to practice them, live by them.  And, keep in mind, that these principles and skills make success more likely.  Alas, they are no guarantee.  It is up to you to make the most out of it.