There are some who consider PMI „evil“, others strongly believe in PMI.  Now comes PMI’s new Agile certification.  As much as skepticism about PMI’s past philosophy of linear, traditional project management is justified, the new certification is a huge milestone for PMI, for the Agile community and for project management in general.  Given its global reach PMI will help spread the word and practice of agile project management.  This cannot be a bad thing. Just the opposite is true.

Whether or not a certification proves that he or she is truly capable of managing or working on an agile project, is another question.  It does show that the person has successfully passed an exam.  Where the PMI certification is more promising than others is the prerequisites to register and take the exam in the first place.  The candidate has to prove his/her actual experience in the agile world prior to taking the exam.  Personally, I think this is a much better approach than letting people take an „exam“ after a 2 day seminar and then call themselves „master“.

In short, a certification is a label; and, it can be much more than that it is paired with actual experience and the right attitude to agile.  I am somewhat optimistic that PMI’s new certification will help serve the latter purpose.