Finally, after a long 3 years wait due to the Covid pandemic, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is returning to Davos.  From Jan 15-20, 2023 the small town in the Swiss Alps is bringing world leaders together for the most salient questions. Yet, what are the personal implications of the global agenda? Are we genuinely inclusive? Are we connecting to the experience of future generations?

It is going to be the 8th time I will be visiting the WEF.  Besides attending and participating in quite a few side events I am looking forward to to meeting old friends and making new acquaintances.  This time I will be co-hosting two workshops with the House of Balance.  What makes both workshops unique is that they will take place on skis or snowboard on the mountains of Davos offering a holistic learning experience for the body, mind and heart.

THE SPIRIT OF DAVOS: Shaping the Hearts of our Futures

This is an exclusive 2 days retreat, dialogue and coaching workshop on January 14 and 15, 2023. It addresses probably one of the most pressing questions of our time: What does it take to shape our futures?

What makes THE SPIRIT OF DAVOS unique that most of the dialogue and workshop takes place on the mountains of Davos.

We start the event with a fire site chat on the evening of January 14, 2023 at the breathtaking Schatzalp above the city of Davos. The second part of the event on January 15, 2023 takes place on skis or snowboard in the beautiful Parsenn ski resort of Davos.


The second workshop takes place on January 20, 2023.  It is a 1 day leadership workshop discovering and exploring the magic of Human Business for you.  The workshop introduces Human Business as a compass and design tool for living and working in the digital age. Human business is all about generating value for people by people.

THE MVP FORMULA FOR HUMAN BUSINESS provides guidance to design, develop, run and scale human business. From the personal level to teams, to business, and to society.

MVP stands for Motivation, Vision and Practice.

The workshop provokes to question old ideas and practices of traditional business. At the same time, it encourages to rediscover our human core and actively shape our lives and work accordingly. No matter what role we play; be it as a business leader or manager, as a game changer or just as a human being, a Mensch.

This workshop is run in partnership with House of Balance Davos and Wisdom Accelerator for Youth.

The most pressing question of our time

is not the WTF – What’s the future? – question.

It is „how do we want to live and work in the future?

Both workshops will address this question and find answers.  They provide a unique space to share what matters to you the most and discover new ways to shape and experience the future today – in your personal life, local community or work and business environment.

Please visit the registration websites for details or contact me directly.

See you in Davos!