Our work environments have a huge impact on our contributions, how they are perceived and valued, and how we feel.  This is not a new insight.  And yet often I hear that we cannot really change our own work environments, that they are predefined and/or influenced by others.  We were mere pawns in the grander game without any leverage.  If you, too, share this opinion you may find the following quote by Karen Tate helpful:

If I worked for some who didn’t value me or my contributions, and I couldn’t turn it around, I just moved on, whether through a transfer or going to a new company,“ she says. „You have to take responsibility for yourself and your career.  You shoudl be willing to remove yourself from situations you aren’t enjoying your work.  Don’t always accept everything you’re told as true.  Do your homework, get other opinions and trust yourself.“ [quote from Burba, Donovan. “Equal Ground?.” PM Network, no. September (2010): 38-42, page 42]

Your own well-being and your own career starts with you.  Trust yourself and move on.