Answer this question: „How do you want to live in the post-Covid-world?”  Then act. Now.

What a simple and yet important, decisive question all of us can and should ask ourselves these days.  And it’s not just about the world after Corona.  It’s a question about the future in general.

We, the people, are facing an increasing number of great global challenges which threaten our world: the Covid-19 pandemic, global climate change and large-scale environmental damage, accelerating technological change, politically motivated violence, extreme poverty, extensive refugee streams, struggling international organizations such as the European Union or United Nations, and more.

What happens after these crises?  What will the world look like after Corona? How will business, culture and our society change? And what does it mean to me, i.e., how does it affect my own personal life?

Quit complaining!

It is one thing to complain and worry about these issues.  Doing something about it is another thing.  Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for Future movement have proven that only a few people can help shift our mindset.  The question remains though how effective this movement is, i.e., what concrete action and sustainable results it can entice.

Start acting for our futures!

How about shifting our perspectives?  Let’s forget the passive question, what the future will bring. Let’s answer the active question, “how do we want to live in the post-Covid-world?” and take action now.  Let’s go beyond discussing issues and sharing ideas about a better future. Let’s develop concrete practices that help shape a better, human, environmentally friendly and sustainable world.  Let’s become co-creators for change.

For this purpose, Motivate2B and Marc Buckley plan three distinct events this spring to start with.

Actions for Futures

  • Dialogues for Futures: A day of impulses for resilient and desirable futures. Listen to inspiring, thought provoking and compelling speakers who share their views, concerns, ideas and practices about our futures.
  • Projects for Futures: A 2-days futures design workshop where we grow ideas from Dialogues for Futures into concrete practices for change.
  • Actions for Futures @ WEF: Presentation of the results of Projects for Futures at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2021.

While principally Actions for Futures will be open for everyone, the initial events this May target youth and young change makers who are eager to explore new avenues for living and working in the digital age that benefit us all: people, societies and businesses, and take action now.

The events are scheduled for early May and we hope that in spite of the Corona pandemic we will be able to conduct onsite events in either Switzerland or Germany.  All of our partners and sponsors are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and principles of Human Business.

We hope to announce the exact location and dates soon.  Stay tuned.