I will be conducting 2 3-hour sessions at the PMI Global Congress – EMEA 2009 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 18-20, 2009.  The session is entitled, „Yes We Can: Team-Building as a Means to Re-Align a Project„.  My own time slots will be Tuesday May 20, 14.45-17.30 and Wednesday May 21, 9-12.15.  This will be an interactive workshop and attendance will be limited to 70 people for each session.

What is the workshop going to be about (taken from event guide description):  Project recovery missions are probably one of the most difficult challenges a project manager may face. Alone a project manager cannot handle such a situation. It takes a team to do so. The workshop will show why and how team building can be an effective and efficient mean to re-align projects gone astray.

Learning from my experience in Denver conducting an interactive workshop with more than 200 people, this time I will try and involve the attendees even before the actual workshop.  One of the ideas I have in mind is conducting an online survey to learn about the attendees‘ expectations.  Also, I want to base the workshop on real-life situations attendees are facing.  One way or another, it is going to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  I am looking forward to it.